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Important Notice: 80s Alcohol Wipes Replacement

Important Notice: Medkleenshop Shopee | Lazada | Webstore

Free Replacement For 80s Wipes
Batch Number: 0721WT30 4 1 
All Orders Placed In Between: 11 Aug - 28 Aug 2021

Dear Customers,

We have received few customer complaints regarding the smell of the wipes. After investigation, our manufacturer has confirmed that the smell is due to the container that fetch the Isopropyl alcohol. 

However, rest assured that the wipes are still safe to use, made with Isopropyl alcohol, ingredients remain the same. If you feel insecure to use on skin, you may consider to use to clean and disinfect any hard surfaces, the smell will fade once the alcohol is evaporated in few seconds. 

We are working very actively to send replacement to all the customer by batch. If any of your friends/family had placed order from the same batch and have not received any message from us yet, please WhatsApp to this number@ 012- 768 9156, and we will arrange shipment asap. 

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience, and will ensure the same issue will not occur again.

Please refer to the common question asked below:

Q1: How to check your batch number? 
Please refer to the side of the packaging. If your wipes has the same batch number is entitled for replacement.
Batch no. 0721WT30 4 1  

Q2: Do we need to pay shipping fees?
No, we will bear the shipping fees

Q3: Which address you will deliver to?
We will send to the same address according to the order number. 

Q4: Do we need to return the wipes?
No, you do not need to return the wipes. 

Q5: How long is the delivery?
We are sending the replacement by batch. Once you received the tracking number from us, it will usually take 3 to 4 days for delivery. You may chat to us to ask for delivery status ya. 

Please feel free to contact me for any further question. 

Medkleenshop @ Marketing Executive 
- Jayson @ 012-768 9156